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Berezhkovskaya Embankment

IFC LIRAL owns a substantial area of land which covers 28 hectares, located in the center-periphery of Moscow, and close to one of the city's most high-end and prestigious areas – Kutuzovsky Prospect.

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Admiral Makarov

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The main achievement of IFC Liral is the unique experience of its management, thanks to which we can offer our clients a reliably high level of service.

The exceptional professionalism of the current team enables the company to offer a comprehensive daily range of services to our clients, along with support for business projects – including those of a complex nature.

The Liral company devotes great attention to real estate in Russia. Over different periods the company has acquired extensive plots of commercial land, totalling over 50 hectares in Moscow alone – along with other real estate acquisitions in the Moscow Region.

The company's staff successfully manage these properties, including renting out property for manufacturing, warehousing and office use.

The bulk of the property which is under Liral's ownership is located in prestigious regions, close to the centre of Moscow. These sites have strong potential for redevelopment, in which the industrial buildings located on them at present could be replaced with upscale housing developments and buildings for civic use.

The principle achievement of IFC Liral is the unique experience of its management, due to which we are able to offer our clients a stable and high level of service.

The exceptional professionalism of our present team enables our company to operate our daily comprehensive customer service, and carry out business projects – including those at the highest degree of complexity.


The company's key operational areas

Facts & Figures

  1. 1Comprehensive building programs of residential housing at locations which include those in the centre of Moscow, covering an overall area of 50.52 hectares
  2. 2The reconstruction of a complete city quarter of historic industrial buildings
  3. 3New building construction covering an area of 1,735 thousand square metres
  1. 4The land assets are either owned by the Liral corporation or on long-term rental
  2. 5Our building concepts are developed by top Russian architects and international award winners, including LLC Project Meganom, LLC Asadov Architectural Bureau, TPO Reserve, LLC Arch Project-2, and Mosproekt-4
  3. 6All of our projects conform to the requirements set out by the General Plan of Moscow until 2025 (Law of  Moscow of 05.05.2010  № 17 )